second impact was created for keeping friends and family updated during my stay in Tokyo 2009/2010 where I studied at Sophia University (Jôchi Daigaku, 上智大学). It was my second time to stay in Japan - therefore the name.



But of course anyone who is interested in Japan, especially Tokyo - feel free to look around. Much of the text here is in German, but there is some information in English and Japanese, too. And one should be able to enjoy the pictures without reading a lot anyway...



dôzo yoroshiku

Frank Hasenstab



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JAPAN visual

links I found that make you SEE several aspects of Japan
meine Linksammlung von interessanten, hauptsächlich
visuellen Perspektiven auf Japan


























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ENDLICH Bilder von der Uni






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Zu Hause in Nakano


wo ich seit den Sommerferien wohne





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Unterwegs in JAPAN


Wenn man mal aus dem Hauptkaff rauskommt...



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Die japanische Rache dafür, dass wir auf jeden Scheiß


Schriftzeichen drucken




mehr Alphabeterror




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Warabi und DK-House Warabi

(Decay-House Warabi?)



Das Wohnheim und die Umgebung



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was man so alles faltet, wenn man ne Lernpause braucht



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Sakura 桜





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